Full Size Deep Steam Table Pan Aluminum Foil Pan

Full Size Deep Steam Table Pan Aluminum Foil Pan

Model No.︰Full-Size Deep

Brand Name︰SE

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 20 / CTN

Minimum Order︰1000 CTN

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Product Description

Product Description

Product Application

Silver Engineer Machinery Co. focuses on designing and manufacturing Automatic Production Line and High Precision Mold for Aluminum Foil Containers, started 2009. Have a complete professional team with Perfect R & D, Production and Sales Departments. Own Brand SilverEngineer ®and GodFoil®, we had certified by CE, CNAS, ISO9001 ISO14001 and ISO18001. The kinds of Aluminum Foil Containers produced by SilverEngineer ® Automation Equipment are widely used in the Baking Containers, Cooking Containers, Oven Containers, refrigerated containers, takeaway containers, laboratory containers and other packaging fields, with a broad development prospect and great Environmental Significance.

Top out 522*326mm
Top in 493*297mm
Base 458*260mm
High 78mm
Capacith 9800ml



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Price Terms︰ FOB Shanghai/Ningbo

Payment Terms︰ TT / LC / DP / DA

Lead Time︰ 30DAYS

Standards Certificate︰ CE/ISO/FDA

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